25th Anniversary – August & September Recap

We enjoyed celebrating our 25th anniversary in August and September with a variety of activities!  August was our Monadnock Region month, and September was our Natural Resources month.  We participated in tours, virtual programs, interviews, and we volunteered at a variety of events.

Our Conversations with Emily series continued with a focus on the Monadnock Region and Natural Resources.  In August, we conducted an interview with Pam Lorimer, Jack Daniels Inn and Monadnock Travel Council.  We also interviewed Denise Meadows of CC&D’s Kitchen Market, as well as the Inn at East Hill Farm.

In September, our Natural Resources interview with the AMC was informative and a great overview of what they have to offer.

Tours and Virtual Programs

In August, the GSAs participated in a tour that included a walking tour of Keene and Hillsborough Bridges.  In Keene, Jenna Carroll from the Historical Society of Cheshire County gave a walking tour to our GSAs.  Her tour was entitled “Badass Women of Keene Walking Tour,” focusing on those who led the suffrage movement in the Monadnock Region.  Jenna shared lots of stories and history, leading the group throughout downtown Keene.  The second part of the tour focused on four important and historical bridges in the Hillsborough area, led by Christina Chadwick, bridge expert and President of the Hillsborough Historical Society.  This also included a tour of the Hillsborough Heritage Museum.

In September, GSA hosted a virtual presentation from Nigel Manley, Director of The Rocks.  This presentation focused on moose and bear in NH.  Nigel shares his knowledge of moose and bear by reviewing the life cycles and answering questions about these animals.  Check out the recording to learn more!


The summer and early fall were a busy time for events.  In August, GSA provided several volunteers to help out with the Hampton Children’s Fest.  We also had a variety of volunteers join the Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce at their booth at the League of NH Craftsmen Fair.  In addition, the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport hosted an Aviation Day, where our volunteers assisted with fun activities.

In August, the Social Committee enjoyed a lunch at Diz’s Cafe – read more about their experience here.  In fact, this lunch was so popular that there were two of them in one day!  Everyone enjoyed their food tremendously, as well as the company.  Diz’s Cafe is owned by GSA founder Judi Window and her husband Diz.

In September, we had a number of GSAs volunteer at the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival.  We also provided assistance at 2 events at the Merrimack Anheuser-Busch Brewery: Bacon & Beer and the Great American Concert.  Our biggest September event was the Big E, where over 40 of our volunteers drove to West Springfield, MA to share with attendees how great NH is!

Organizations Featured in our Weekly Newsletter

Each month, we highlight several topics in our newsletter.  In August, we featured NH Rail Trails Coalition, focused on the Monadnock Region Rail Trails, as well as NH State Parks – Greenfield State Park.  In September, we featured NH Rail Trails Coalition, focused on Randolph to Littleton, as well as NH State Parks – Madison Boulder Natural Area.  We also featured the Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry Development and the AMC.

Upcoming Programs

October is South Central Month.  We have 2 tours during the month: a tour of the NH Sports Dome in Hooksett, as well as an upcoming tour of the Lawrence L. Lee Scouting Museum.

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