A Local Hike in Exeter

By: GSA Linda Duquette, GSA Stark Brewing Company Class of 2017

I went hiking in Exeter, NH, Hensworth-Swasey Town Forest.  It was a 2 hour hike.  There are 2 parking lots, they are not far from each other. The Henderson-Swasey Town Forest is right at the train trestle, in which, the train does go by.  The other parking lot is called Oakland Town Forest, just down the road. If you park at Oakland Town Forest, you will go under RTE 101.
This hike was very well marked, along with double blaze colors when it is time to redirect.  At one point, we were walking the trail along RTE. 101, by exit 27.  To me that was the only downfall.  Also, on this hike we came across the gas pipeline, which was interesting.  Lots of mountain biking going on in this area. There wasn’t a lot of bird activity, which always amazes me.  But all and all it was a fun hike.