American Independence Museum – 2020 Programming Links

We are looking for summer interns who can work on projects virtually. More information can
be found on our webpage    or
Fall-2020-.pdf. Feel free to share as you see fit.

Here is the information about the resources we have digitally:

Everyday on Facebook and Instagram we share museum history, civics content, cultural
resources. or information from our community partners. We hope people use these posts to
connect and interact with us, learn something new, discover a new resource, or just enjoy our

We also have a newly redesigned webpage that we encourage people to explore.
It includes information of the museum’s history

We have recently added a lot of programming to our YouTube page and new videos are being
added weekly.

We have moved our free Revolutionary Story Time program online. Our education manager
reads a book, leads an activity, and shares accompanying educational materials on our YouTube
channel regularly. We currently have 5 Revolutionary Story Times online and will be posting
more soon.

Revolutionary Story Time – A Fine Dessert

Revolutionary Story Time – Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence

Revolutionary Story Time – Gingerbread for Liberty

Revolutionary Story Time – What Does it Means to be American?

Revolutionary Story Time – Independence Cake

We also have a Hearth Cooking activity online for families to do together and will be adding
more of these programs as well.
Hearth Cooking: Ginger Bread
Hearth Cooking: Johnnycakes

There are also History Matters videos being added to our YouTube Channel where our curator
takes a close up look at items in our collection and colonial history:
History Matter – Switchel:

Also on our YouTube channel we have interviews with members of the Society of the Cincinnati
in the State of NH (the nation’s oldest veteran’s organization and owners of the museum.

It is also where we are posting staff greetings during this time so we can stay connected with our

We welcome and encourage sharing of all our resources including our social media posts and
YouTube videos. It is always great if people can tag the museum when they do share so we know
the content is being distributed.