Perk: Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Parking Perks

Who may use this privilege?
MHT-GSA Volunteers (must have volunteered at least 50 hours of volunteer service at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, with your last volunteer shift less than 2 months prior to your departure date)

When can you use this perk?
When you are flying using Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, you can park your car for up to FOUR weeks per YEAR in increments of no longer than TWO weeks at a time in the parking garage or long-term lots.

How to request a parking pass?
Contact Kelly Bryer at to request a parking pass. Once your information has been verified it will be forwarded to airport administration.

NOTE: If you don’t hear from MHT within a couple of days, PLEASE CALL KELLY to verify that the pass is being processed.

What information do you need to provide?

Your Name and GSA Class/Date (i.e. Joe Smith, Purple Finch Class ’99)
Your Departure and Arrival dates*
Your vehicle information (year, make, color & license plate number)
Your e-mail address and/or phone number (in case she needs to contact you)
Last date you volunteered at MHT

You MUST apply at least one week (or more) prior to your departure date (Monday-Thursday only, no Fridays please). There are times when Chris cannot accommodate parking pass requests right away! Your pass should be available for pickup at the Communication Center within two business days after the request is received.

If you have received your temporary parking pass and a change to that pass is necessary, please contact Kelly to make arrangements.

* Note: If your flight is due to arrive later in the day or evening, be sure to ADD AN EXTRA DAY to your arrival (back) date. This will allow you to leave the garage if your plane arrives after midnight — which will be “the next day.”

Vacation parking is ONLY permitted on level 5 (or highest available) of the Parking Garage or in the long-term parking lots (if they are open).

If you should have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Kelly Bryer, NHGSA Executive Director & MHT Center Manager at 603-960-0272 (cell).