Takeout Options in the Greater Concord and Manchester areas

By: Emily Goulet, GSA Volunteer & Event Manager
Krissy Mehegan, GSA Intern

While our options have been limited during our Stay-at-home order, we have been very lucky that NH has so many amazing restaurants all over our wonderful state.  Both Krissy and Emily have taken advantage of some of these restaurants and their takeout operations. Not only does it give us something fun to look forward to and an excuse to leave the house, but we are also supporting local businesses.  Even though we supported local businesses before this pandemic, the urgency to support them now is paramount. And as GSAs, we can learn more about new restaurants, support our favorites, and contribute to a sense of NH community in this difficult time.

Krissy and Emily have each tried their own takeout restaurants, and we would like to tell you about our experiences at each of them!


Tucker’s – Concord

Tucker’s always holds a special place in my heart.  It is my go-to restaurant for brunch on the weekends, or a lunchtime meeting during the week.  And takeout is even better because there isn’t a wait! I have been ordering my usual meal: Garden bounty skillet, eggs over hard, quinoa hash browns, and multigrain toast (yes, I have it memorized!)  It is just as flavorful and delicious in takeout form as in the restaurant! One of the things I love about Tucker’s is the variety on the menu. Even though I tend to order the same meal, there are also many other meals that I would consider, both for breakfast and lunch.  Whenever I have friends come to visit, I know I can count on Tucker’s to impress them.

I have also taken advantage of other options at Tucker’s during this time.  I have been buying their eggs (they come in a flat for $10), which they are still buying from local farmers.  They are also still buying lettuce and homemade bread from their suppliers. So not only can you support the restaurant, but you can support local vendors as well.  Check out their options for local supplies…you can even buy toilet paper!  They have locations in Concord, Hooksett, New London, Merrimack, and Dover.

Dos Amigos – Concord

Dos Amigos is a great quick takeout option for Mexican food.  They are always busy taking and making orders every time I stop by.  They have a wide variety of burritos, weekly specials, tacos, bowls, salads, and quesadillas.  I love their sweet potato burrito! My roommate stands by their nacho of the week. You can order online or call ahead.  It is affordable and easily accessible on Main St.

Common Man – Concord

The Common Man is such a classic NH restaurant, and each location is equally special.  The Common Man loves to spoil you with their whole experience in one bag. When you go to the restaurant in person, you can enjoy cheese and crackers, bread, and white chocolate for dessert.  They still give you all of this in your takeout bag! Their prices are reasonable, with both family options and individual options. I love their veggie burgers, and I discovered that they are selling them separately if you want them for additional meals. There is something for everyone on their menu, and you know you can always get a good quality meal here.

Newell Post – Penacook

Newell Post is another breakfast/lunch option in my area that I have enjoyed getting takeout from.  They are a local diner in Penacook, and it is only about a 10 minute walk to get there from my condo.  They also have a second branch on Main St. in Concord, called The Post, with similar food. I usually order their breakfast food, but they have a variety of options for both lunch and breakfast.  I enjoy their veggie omelettes, but they also have very tasty crabcakes – both a delectable crabcake eggs benedict, as well as a crabcake and egg meal. There has hardly been a wait once you call them to place the order, and I enjoy a pleasant pre-meal stroll to pick it up!


Kathmandu Spice – Manchester

Two years ago, I tried Indian food for the first time at this particular establishment, and I  quickly learned it’s one of my favorite types of cuisine. After that first time, I would frequently make the hour-long jaunt from Plymouth State University just to treat myself to Kathmandu’s deliciously enormous portions and attentive service. Since moving back home, I try not to go too long without taking the now much shorter drive to get my Indian or Nepalese fix, and I was delighted to learn that the restaurant is still doing takeout orders! I opted for their easy online ordering service, prepaid, and did contact-free pickup at the restaurant location. 

My favorite meal from there is their incredible Bhindi Do Pyaaza, which is a fried okra dish, but this time I opted for a vegetarian appetizer platter, which I love for its variety. It comes with vegetable samosa, vegetable pakora, paneer pakora, and several aloo tikki, which are mouth-watering fried potato patties. One thing I love about getting takeout from Kathmandu is that they always include the appetizer crackers (called papad) and three different chutneys! I also got my favorite drink from there called mango lassi, which is a kind of smoothie. If you’ve never tried Indian or Nepalese cuisine before, I’d recommend Kathmandu as the place to start — and their takeout option is easy and convenient!

Pizza Man – Hooksett

Living in the backwoods of Goffstown (what we sometimes refer to as “basically Dunbarton”) can preclude being able to get pizza delivered from a bigger chain pizza place, so our go-to has luckily become the Hooksett branch of Pizza Man, a New Hampshire eatery. I’ve always enjoyed excellent service and delicious pizza from there. With the stay-at-home order, the restaurant implemented the option of totally contact-free delivery, meaning that customers input their tips online and the delivery person drops the food at the door. Recently, we tried their takeout option, which is a similar process except we limited the human contact even more by cutting out the middle man and picking it up!

This time, my sister and I got our usual — a buffalo chicken pizza, with onion rings and their steak tip salad, and as usual, we enjoyed it immensely! 

Rek-Lis Brewery – Bethlehem

If you read my recent blog about curbside pickup at New Hampshire breweries, you’ll know that I also tried the Rek-Lis takeout food option on my jaunt up north in the past few weeks. However, I can’t help but give them one more plug, since their food and beer are always absolutely top-notch. When I visited there, I got a delicious fried chicken sandwich and my sister got a chicken quesadilla, and with the growler we ordered, they also gave us complimentary fudge from Chutters in Littleton! If you live anywhere near Bethlehem, they’re also doing local delivery on Fridays and Saturdays!


Support NH Local

These are just a few of our favorite places, but there are so many other options all over the state!  If you feel comfortable ordering takeout and are able to order curbside pickup or delivery, let us know some of your top restaurants!