AMBIEs Hours Award Recipients 2020

Please review the below lists of who is receiving what earned award. If you feel you should be receiving an award and are not listed, PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP. We want everything to be correct and need your help to be sure everything has been recorded correctly. Please note that if you were on track to earn an award before COVID and you have been participating regularly earning project/admin hours, we put you in to earn your award this year instead of having to wait another full year.

Top Annual Hours (May 2019-July 2020)

Green, Karen (714)
Wallner, Nick (646)
Adams, Tim (420)
Kirouac, Donna (382)
Chandonnet, Sandra (360)
Storm, Patricia (323)

50 Hour Badge

Receiving at AMBIEs:
Norcia, Michael

Already Received since last AMBIEs:
Adams, Daniel
Beaulac, Cindy
Berger, Patricia
Bullock, Susan
Buonopane, Christine
Butler, Suzy
Custer, Phyllis
Daigle, Kathi
Demers, Michele
Demopoulos, Margaret Bravar
Dunn, Ramona
Farmer, Marie
Fox, Robert
Gelinas, Lyn
Grady, Roberta
Green, Nicholas
Haven, Judith
Hess, Judi
Hollingsworth, Teresa
Jacobson, Mia
Kadlick, Sandy
Katz, Denise
LeClair, Holly
Marsh, Richard
Mayville, Nancy
Nelson, Stephen
Pelletier, Donna
Polish, Leigh
Rowley, Ashlee
Schnick, Marie
Shea, Barbara
Simmons, Karen
Smith, Jennifer
Spierer, Rachel
Stout, Judith
Sullivan, Marilyn
Swenson, Lillian
Walker, Maryellen
Wallner, Nicholas
Wells, Roberta
Wood, Patrice

100 Hours
Angwin, Deirdre
Baldessari, Dave
Berger, Patricia
Bouchard, Elizabeth
Bouchard, Robert
Buonopane, Christine
Dion, Barbara
Gelfand Leibig, Linda
Genatt, Janet
Grady, Roberta
Green, Nicholas
Greenwood, Darlene
Guerino, Mary
Jenkins, Richard
Kahn, Linda
Lorimer, Pam
McMillan, Robert
Mills, David
Nadeau, Richard
Robbins, Arlene
Rushlow, Nicole
Schnick, Marie
Sullivan, Marilyn
Walker, Joe
Walker, Maryellen
Wells, Roberta
Worth, Elizabeth

250 Hours
Anderson, Jane
Caprio, Susan
Collins, Frank
Lacroix, William
Orshak, Kathleen Rice
Orshak, Mark
Walker, Maryellen

500 Hours
Distefano, Joseph
Green, Howard
Kersbergen, Charlotte
McGuire, Dan
Methven, Sandra
Mullen, Bob
Storm, Patricia

1000 Hours
Edmands, Jean
Flegal, Bruce
Green, Karen
Mullen, Irene
O’Brien, Mary A
Wallner, Nicholas

2000 Hours
Angwin, Norma
Geyer, Sue
MacIntyre, Duncan
Wagner, Marty
Walsh, Maureen


5 Year Award – Classes from 2015

Susan Caprio
Michael Gavrish
Ann Karcich
Helen Lacroix
Philip Lefebvre
Connie Loken
Bob Mullen
Mary O’Brien
Christine Stacey
Doren Wales
Benjamin Wales

10 Year Award – Classes from 2010

Yvonne Cote
Don Cox
James Eddinger
Linda Gelfand Leibig
Sue Geyer
Sue Greenbaum
Kathleen Kozak
Marty Lennon
Richard Pounder
Michael Renzulli
Elizabeth Verow

20+ Year Award – Classes from 1996-2000

Ann Carroll (20)
Don Carroll (20)
Carolyn O’Brien (20)
George Tosatti (20)
Marilyn Kelley (21)
Leo Glasheen (23)
Mary Osborne (23)
Jean Acton (23)
Harriet Cox (23)
Betty Finan (24)
Rita Glasheen (24)
Peter Morgan (24)
Bill Petersen (24)
Judi Window (24)