Blog: Terracotta Warriors at UNH

by GSA Roberta Wells
The Confucius Institue of UNH sponsored an exhibit of the Terracotta Army and the Shuihudi Qin Bamboo Slips.  The original figures were discovered in Xi’an China and so far only one of the three pits estimated to contain approximately 8000 soldiers, 130 chariots, and 520 horses has been unearthed.
UNH acquired and has on display 17 full sized museum replicas from Jan 22 until Jan 30 in the Huddleson Hall Ballroom.  A lecture series was also offered during the exhibition, the next and last one occurring on January 30th from 3:40 to 5 PM entitled The Modernity of Legalism in the Qin by Rudolph Dusek, Professor of Philosophy.
The statues show amazing detail and individuality.  Each face in unique.  From the sculpted armor alone you can distinguish the difference in rank from General to common foot soldier.
The Bamboo Slips are remarkable in several aspects.  First, the characters used in the language are not that different from modern Chinese characters.  Second the legal questions and answers not only give insight into issues of the era, I think many could be applied today to our current state of politics.
Pic #1:  a general and a common soldier
Pic # 2:  two mid rank soldiers
Pic #3:  horse and chariot  rider
Pic #4:  this warrior arrived broken but shows inner details
Pic #5:  examples of some amusing crimes & punishments