Blog – A Winter Wonderland Adventure on the Cog: Heartwarming Testimonials

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The Cog Railway:

Throughout the winter, the Cog’s trains terminate at their newly redesigned and expanded Waumbek Station. Located in an alpine meadow at roughly 4000’, clear conditions provide spectacular panoramic vistas from the southern Presidentials to the Canadian border. Passengers leave the train for about 25 minutes to enjoy complimentary hot refreshments, warming huts and a blazing fire pit. Round trips to Waumbek are roughly 1 hour, at reduced fares. Roast-your-own hot dogs and s’mores are available for purchase at the Base Station! Please enjoy our recounting of our Granite State Ambassador’s experience on December 13th, 2023. After our excursion up Mount Washington, a large group of us relaxed over lunch with a spectacular view of Mount Washington from Stickney’s Restaurant within the famous and historic Omni Mount Washington Hotel. 

The Granite State Ambassador group recently embarked on a winter escapade aboard the Cog Railway, and the experience left an indelible mark on our hearts. Sue, a dedicated volunteer at the Manchester Boston Regional Airport, expressed her gratitude for the generous opportunity. She marveled at the well-crafted railroad cars and the beauty of the winter landscape, enhanced by thel touch of snow around the fire pit.

Kate and Gary, who made a 2.5-hour journey from the seacoast to the winter wonderland drive to the Cog’s Marshfield Station. They were enamored by the new pink biodiesel locomotive, appreciating the added touch of awareness for breast cancer. Their warm reception at Waumbek Station, complete with wooden wreaths, hot chocolate, and the snow-covered charm, made their visit truly memorable.

Jeanne and Mark, who had experienced the Cog in September, lauded the smooth, quiet ride and the hospitality at Waumbek Station. Jeanne marveled at the bio-diesel engines and the serene journey up the mountain. Mitzie expressed her enjoyment of the new Mt. Washington train, emphasizing the staff’s graciousness and her eagerness to share her experience with others.

Nick, a Granite State Ambassador, highlighted the importance of firsthand experience, noting that riding the Cog is the only way to genuinely convey its allure. Matt, whose day was described as “wonderful,” praised the friendly and helpful railway staff, the delightful lunch, and the enchanting Christmas decorations at the hotel. 

MaryEllen, captivated by the relaxing mood, toasted marshmallows by the open fire and appreciated the scenic red berries on the trees. Bob, who volunteers at the airport’s info booth, always recommends the Cog as a unique and must-do experience in New Hampshire. Moe, a volunteer at the Manchester airport, acknowledged the Cog as a unique and pleasing experience for tourists visiting the White Mountains.

Brian, having ridden in June, found the winter experience with snow to be something special. Patty, impressed by the Cog’s commitment to the environment, appreciated the welcoming environment and the respite it offers. Dawn, a repeat winter Cog traveler, marveled at the improvements to Waumbek Station and embraced the surprise element that Mother Nature adds to each trip.

Jeanne and Mark, proud GSA members, expressed their gratitude for the safe and memorable trip, eagerly anticipating sharing their adventure with visitors. Sharen, from southern New Hampshire, thanked the Cog staff for the festive experience and the snowy preview of Christmas. Kathie, feeling like a kid again, cherished the hot chocolate, marshmallow toasting, and the fascinating commentary by the brakeman.

Mark, having experienced a snowstorm on the Cog, praised the welcoming and informative nature of the Cog team. His pride in sharing the vertically integrated organization of the Cog and its iconic status in New Hampshire shone through. Dave loved this new experience of climbing up Mount Washington in the winter. 

In conclusion, these testimonials paint a vivid picture of a winter wonderland adventure aboard the Cog Railway. The generosity, warmth, and commitment to excellence by the Cog team have left an enduring impact on each traveler, making the journey a cherished memory for all.

After our fun, snowy time on the rock pile, most of us met up for lunch at Stickney’s Restaurant in the Omni Mount Washington Hotel to enjoy a little more of each other’s company. Such a beautiful place to have a meal and see the mountain from another vantage point!