Blog: Trying Something New at the Mt. Sunapee Craft Fair

By GSA Marty Wagner, Comfort Inn Class of 2011

I’ve always loved going to the Mt. Sunapee Craft Fair, but the trip there this year took on some added interest. I volunteered at the Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce booth right in the middle of all the fun and activity, and had a great time. Many of the visitors who came to the booth were visiting from ‘away’ and were not very familiar with the Sunapee area. They were looking for something to do once they left the Fair.

The booth had a nice assortment of brochures and reference materials, and I used those in helping people choose some options. I also recommended a couple of my own favorites including Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park which someone inquired about, and which is just 45 minutes from Mt. Sunapee. Someone else was interested in the Warner area, and a young couple decided Sunapee Harbor might be a nice place to sit near the lake for a while.

Of course, I also had those questions that many of us hear no matter where we volunteer: where are the bathrooms and where can I get some food? After my shift, I took advantage of being there at the Fair, and did some gift shopping that I had on my list. The quality and beauty of the crafts is amazing since all artisans are juried members of the League of NH Craftsmen. Their work is phenomenal.

I’ve already told Sue Greenbaum, GSA that works with the chamber, that I’ll definitely be returning next year, and it will be for multiple shifts. If you can, keep it in mind for next year because they can use the volunteer help.