From the Ground Up ~ Horticulture, Agritourism & the Greening of NH

Listen to an illustrated talk that celebrates the role of gardens in fostering communities (plant, animal and human) that preserve habitat and important intersections for outdoor, place-based learning and kinship with the natural environments of New Hampshire.  John Forti, founding director of Bedrock Gardens in Lee, explores the ways in which gardens, farms and open space are helping to foster a sense of place, vibrant local economies, and healthier environments.

Program recorded March 2021

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John Forti is a garden historian and ethnobotanist who has directed gardens for Plimoth Plantation Museum, Strawbery Banke Museum, Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and Bedrock Gardens. As a  Slow Food USA Governor and biodiversity specialist, his preservation work has helped to restore countless native and heirloom plants and has brought traditional artisanal practices to modern thinking. He has won numerous awards for historic garden preservation, children’s garden design, herbal and historical education and the 2020 Award of Excellence from National Garden Clubs, one of the nation’s most-recognized nonprofits and largest volunteer gardening organization in the world.  His new book “The Heirloom Gardener – Traditional Plants and Skills for the Modern World” will be out this spring through Timber Press. Pre-order here.

Bedrock Gardens is an emerging public garden that integrates unusual botanical specimens and unique sculpture into an inspiring landscape journey. This 37-acre site is transitioning from a historic farm and private garden to a public oasis of art, horticulture and inspiration.  

GSA Feedback:

“I am glad to hear of all the wonderful new areas and pathways that have been created since I first had the opportunity to visit the gardens back in 2019.  I particularly love the concept of a one way trail that leads you all around from area to area (or room to room) so that guests truly get to experience it all and not miss or overlook any portion of the landscape.”

“I was fascinated by the pictures, description of Bedrock and the horticulture that goes into the gardens. You have certainly made a beautiful garden of many different areas.  I learned so much.”

“I look forward to volunteering at Bedrock Gardens and learning all the stories and then sharing that with guests. I have not visited Bedrock Gardens yet but am now planning to as soon as possible. What a place! I can’t wait to learn even more about it!”

“Bedrock Gardens truly is a unique piece of New Hampshire that I intend to recommend to visitors once the State House is open to guests again. It’s the kind of place that will be different each time they visit.”

“The gardens provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about plants, their habitats and the eco-system involved.  Learning more about the history provided a better insight into the development of the Gardens.”

“I am impressed by the changes you made this past year.  Bedrock Gardens is a wonderful place to go for calm and quiet as well as being able to enjoy and sometimes chuckle at the various sculptures.  I look forward to bringing friends to visit during the 2021 season.”