Exploring the NH Heritage Trail: The Wright Museum

by GSA Sarah Brown, Comfort Inn Class of 2011

The Wright Museum is paean to all aspects of World War Two. You can’t miss the building, there’s tank breaking through the wall facing the street! When you enter the lobby you are faced with a life size diorama of a scene from the Battle of the Bulge. You can almost feel the cold and blowing snow. The museum is organized into 3 areas. You begin at The Home Front. Lots of interesting slices of life from a grocery store to displays of typical clothing of the time. Note the dental patient on the left. Glad dentistry has changed from the days of spit sinks and slow revolving drills!

Then you transition of a series of rooms showing a timeline of the war from 1939 to 1945. Each room has displays of newspaper headlines, items used during that year and music or radio programs you can listen to as you study the objects on display.

After you leave the timeline rooms, you enter a large room with a collection of vehicles from Jeeps to tanks, ambulances, and other transportation. There is a gallery upstairs with information and displays on aircraft. As you enter the gift shop you pass a mock-up of a typical ice cream shop of the era.

77 Center Street Wolfeboro. Open May until October 31. Check their website for hours, entry fees, and special events. www.wrightmuseum.org