Tour: Owl’s Nest Resort and Campton Village

By: Emily McMaster, GSA Operations and Communications Director

As I drove up 93 North in liquid sunshine, I was thinking about how our group of GSAs would be exploring a new area that we hadn’t really explored much before.  We had a group of 24 GSAs ready for an adventure!  When I arrived, the rain let up, and we started our day at the Lakehouse at Owl’s Nest Resort.  Gail Batstone, Director of Sales, provided some pastries and juice, as we listened to her and Charlie Carpenter, Marketing Event Specialist, present on the property.  They have lots of new construction projects underway, including a new hotel building, more real estate opportunities, more restaurants, a new pavilion, and even more.  GSAs asked lots of questions about the new projects and all of the recreational activities they offer on site.  They host over 100 weddings each year as well.

We ventured out into the blustery weather, and Gail showed us two different places to stay on the premises.  One had a unit downstairs, with two hotel rooms above.  Another was a house with several different bedrooms.  Both properties were beautifully built and styled, with lots of amenities for a comfortable stay. 

After our small tour of the property, we headed over to Panorama Six82, the restaurant on site.  The windows showcase beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.  On a warmer day, it would be relaxing to sit out on the patio area.  Their menu offers a variety of food options.  I ordered the crabcake sandwich with truffle fries, which was absolutely delicious!  The quality of the food and the attentive service of the wait staff made for a very enjoyable meal.









Our afternoon encompassed multiple stops in Campton Village.  First, we traveled to the Dam Brewhouse, where we learned about their brewing process and different types of beer.  Many GSAs tasted a sample of a few different beers, thanks to the owners, Sarah Dreshaj & John Anderson, and several people purchased some 4 packs to take home!  They are a great comfortable place to hang out in the White Mountains area after a ski or a hike.


Next, we traveled to the Vintage Arcade at Dole Mill, where Jesse Bartlett greeted us, and we explored their shop of games, toys, candy, local goods, and more.  They have several types of arcade games, a train that runs around the store from up above, and they even sell Mochi!  The store is located in an old mill building.  Upstairs, they offer music groups and lessons to kids, participating in the local community.  Some GSAs purchased puzzles, Mochi, and other treats.  What a neat place!

Our last stop of the day was Mad River Coffee Roasters.  We walked into the cafe and were greeted by the smell of coffee wafting through the air – my favorite smell!  I have been to Mad River before, but it was a wonderful experience to learn more about their business.  We stepped behind the counter, and Paige, Roaster, and Cali, Manager, explained the roasting process to us.  We learned about the coffee beans and the fair trade process.  We were treated to a hot cup of coffee, with a choice of several different types of their roasts.  They shared with us their community events, food options, and more.  Some GSAs purchased bags of coffee and baked treats.  I couldn’t resist the Mad River Blend coffee, as well as an avocado brownie (which was absolutely delicious!)  Another great place to recommend to guests.

We all traveled home with treats and several new places to refer to guests of NH.  A successful tour day in Campton!

More pictures here.