Lecture: Lake Hosts – Our Lakes First Line of Defense

Program recorded April 2022

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Kat Kelleher, NH Lakes Program Assistant, presented on the Lake Host program.  Around the state, hundreds of Lake Hosts can be identified by their signature blue t-shirts and eagle-eyes for aquatic invasive species.  Staffed at over 100 public boat ramps around New Hampshire, Lake Hosts offer free complimentary boat inspections and teach boaters about the Clean, Drain & Dry method for aquatic invasive species prevention. Lake Hosts protect your lake by capturing the invasive species that hitchhike on boats, trailers, or recreation gear before they can enter our waters. Learn about the difference Lake Hosts make and how YOU can spend your summer by the water greeting visitors and protecting the lakes you love!


Lake Host Position Description 2022

Lake Host Inquiry Form

Lake Host Infographic

Map of Participating Lake Host Groups

How to Lake Host Training Registration Link – 2 hours training, live on May 5 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm and recorded/posted after for anyone to watch and use

GSA Feedback:

“Thank you so much Kat for sharing your energy and expertise in our virtual overview of lake hosting with NHLakes. I would love to help promote this opportunity as much as I can and if time allows, maybe even take the training to help out with some of our bodies of water too!”

“Thank you for taking the time to provide us with some useful and enlightening information regarding the lakes in the state of New Hampshire.   I am sure it will be useful in speaking with visitors.”

“I am considering being a lake host in the future!”

“It’s good to know that there are volunteers looking out for the health of our lakes and ponds.”