Social Committee: An Amazing Visit to The Flying Goose Brew Pub & Grill in New London

By: Kristin Judge, GSA Hampton Area Chamber / NH Parks Class 2022

On May 11th a group of the Granite State Ambassadors visited long-time running brewery and restaurant The Flying Goose, which has been in operation since 1993 by the Mills family. Located in New London, NH and easily accessible off 89, The Flying Goose is nestled at a four-way intersection on Rt 114 and Rt 11, making it a destination for backroad trips. With a spectacular view of Mt. Kearsarge, enjoying a craft brew and some tasty food, it is sure to be an excellent experience. 

We were treated to a brewery tour from long-time brewer Rik Marley. Rik has been in the brewing world since 1998 and it shows for sure. 

After our tour with Rik, we were seated in the dining room with a wall of windows that overlooks the hop yard, views of Kearsarge, solar panels and the state-of-the-art wastewater treatment that makes The Flying Goose a leader in environmental practices. 

The Flying Goose was the first brewery in NH to be run using solar energy, and they continue to upgrade and add panels to make it as efficient as possible.  As a hiker living here in New London, it is always fun to hike to the summit of Mt. Kearsarge and try to find the solar panels and restaurant. 

Having worked at the Flying Goose for many years, it was great to have our group gather and get to know one of my favorite places. I was very excited when we arrived to find that Kayla was going to be our server for lunch.  She has such a great energy and enthusiasm for her job. 

I would like to thank everyone for joining us for such a great experience.  I hope that all of the GSAs will recommend The Flying Goose to travelers in the New London area, as well as those traveling up and down 89. Tim said it well… “I found the staff very pleasant and the restaurant high quality. I will recommend the Flying Goose to anyone I may encounter who will be traveling north on route 89.” I will hold you to it, Tim!

The GSAs had a great time – check out what else they had to say…

The Flying Goose is a must visit if you are heading west. The craft brews are delicious and made better by Rik’s interesting and entertaining presentation. I enjoyed their onion soup which totally rocked and a short light Pilsner. Thank you Sue for inviting us to your family-operated restaurant and brewery and thank you Kayla for the cheery and speedy service. All of this is topped only by the perfect view of Mount Kearsarge.  ~Kathryn S.

I’ve lived in New London for 25 years, and this was the first time I got to go downstairs at the Flying Goose, so I was looking forward to it. Rik was great, and he explained the whole process of making beer, of which I knew absolutely nothing about. I particularly appreciated how the former dairy and soup vats were repurposed for use in making beer. ~Sue2

Loved the tour! Rik was amazing and informative. In addition to learning about the process, it was great listening to the enthusiasm, passion, and his joy. He also helped me decide what beer I’d like. Love the 5 oz pours! I hadn’t realized how much “family business” applied as we listened to some of the history from Brianna, one of the current owners. The food was fabulous! I shared one of the best Reubens I’ve had. Sharing meant we could have dessert, which we did, a scrumptious apple crisp!  Our server, Kayla, was incredible. She handled all 18 of us efficiently and was there with anything we needed and a smile too! Definitely a place to send our friends and guests! ~Sue1

Thanks for planning this tour Kristin and Sue. It was very informative; Rik gave a great demo and had a warm personality making it a lot of fun. The food was served quickly and was delicious, and Kayla was a fantastic server. I really appreciated Brianna’s welcome and a bit of history about the family and the steps they are taking to be mindful about the environment. I’ll definitely go back to the restaurant.  Also, since I’m new to GSA, it was really a pleasure to have the chance to share a meal with many wonderful people I haven’t met previously. This confirms my desire to become involved with a positive, NH-loving organization, with positive people! ~Karen B

What struck me was Kayla, our server. With 18 GSA’s to wait on, she remembered every individual request and didn’t miss a beat.  ~Cindy B

We had a fabulous time at the Flying Goose.  Rik is so personable, knowledgeable, and passionate about his work. Kayla was an excellent server with a very good sense of humor!!!  Congratulations to Brianna and her family for their ongoing successful operation of the restaurant and brewery.  We are so appreciative and impressed with their commitment to sustainability.  And oh, by the way – the food was great!   ~Kathie & Mark

Rik certainly is passionate about the beer brewing process. His willingness to educate and entertain us in the midst of his busy schedule was un-beer-lievable.  Excellent food and beverage menu.  I especially liked the fig/prosciutto/arugula flatbread paired with their hard cider. ~Dawn B

The trip was delightful.  The trip through the beer area was interesting and information to be learned.  There were things I never knew.  The lunch was wonderful. I have eaten there before, and I have always had delicious meals.  It is also very enjoyable to have excellent help and information concerning anything we ask.  All members of the staff members are polite, quick to answer questions, along with conversation, and sometimes little jokes. The Flying Goose is a wonderful place and I just wish I lived closer.  Thank you to all at the restaurant and tour.  ~Leigh P.

More photos here.