Tales from the Sterile Side: Meet Dave

by Moe Demers, Comfort Inn Airport Class of 2011

On Wednesday September 18th, I met Dave Sims of Kingsport, Tennessee. He was waiting for his flight on American Airlines to Charlotte, NC en route back to Kingsport when I encountered him. Dave was a very friendly soul who used oxygen and a wheelchair to make his way in life.

Dave extolled in his Southern drawl about his visit to New Hampshire. He was especially enthralled by the Revolutionary War history of our state. I of course encouraged him to come back for another visit.

While we were talking, he was fidgeting with a dollar bill in his fingers. Before I knew it, he offered me the little gift you see pictured in the photographs. It apparently is his way of spreading a little sunshine to people he meets.

He went on to say he was on his way to Kingsport, Tennessee, his hometown. Apparently this town of about 50,000 population is host to the Eastman Chemical Company, a former subsidiary of Kodak. It gets its name from the fact that it once was a river port when rivers were the highways of the day.

Once again, I was the beneficiary of meeting such interesting people as Dave, while volunteering on the sterile side at the airport.