Tour: Lawrence L. Lee Scouting Museum

By: Mark Lamarre, Silver Anniversary GSA Class of 2021

Today I got to visit the Lawrence L.Lee Scouting Museum at Camp Carpenter in Manchester. Having been a Boy Scout in New Hampshire back in the late 60’s and 70’s, it was like going back in time to see some familiar items on display that brought back memories of camping with friends. I particularly enjoyed seeing a belt buckle made by a friend in Concord for the 1977 National Jamboree, and all the Camporee and events patches from the Merrimack District (Concord and surrounding towns) including the many I participated in back in the day. I was pleased that other GSAs also had connections to Scouting’s past with Fathers, brothers, and sons who were Scouts, and at least 2 mentioned their participation in Girl Scouts, one even sporting a Girl Scout lapel pin. Interestingly, the museum has a section dedicated to Girl Scouting.

Not all of the visit was just my personal connection though, as the museum had an extensive collection of Uniforms, Scouting books, patches, badges, awards and memorabilia from National and World events from the BSA’s 111 year history. The visit was also educational. I would recommend anyone to visit the museum.



GSA Feedback:

“Every kid who thinks about joining scouts should experience a Tour of the grounds over there and the Museum to know something about the history of Scouting and that there are scouting organizations all over the world!”

“I learned so much starting with the story of Baden-Powell which brought on a new understanding of how and why the Boy Scouts started…I loved the maps showing how Scouting spread all over the world in such a short time, showing there was a real universal need for such an organization, and still is…The collections of badges, buckles, jamboree information, uniforms (and more) are all incredible…I’ll look forward to recommending your wonderful museum to NH visitors I meet who are headed in your direction, and to NH friends, too.  It’s a great place to visit.”

More pictures can be found here.