A Day Trip with AMTRAK

By: Emily Goulet, GSA Communications Director

There is something so quaint about riding a train to get somewhere…I don’t know if it’s the ambience, or the ability to sit back and relax while watching the towns whizz by, but it sure is special!  On Thursday May 27th, our GSAs had the opportunity to participate in a trip on the AMTRAK Downeaster, from Exeter, NH to Freeport, ME.  Brian Beeler II, Manager of Passenger Services at Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority, met us in Exeter.  He gave us a great overview of the train services in NH and ME and what the opportunities are for trips on the AMTRAK Downeaster. 

Our ride was smooth and comfortable.  Brian gave us some AMTRAK Downeaster swag, as well as some helpful information on discounts and schedules for helping guests.  The train is equipped with bathrooms and a cafe area, so it is easy to be comfortable. 

When we arrived in Freeport, there were local representatives there to greet us off the train.  They handed us a map of Freeport, and we were off on our shopping adventures! 


It is great to be able to promote both the train and some of the stops.  Freeport is a very neat town – home of the LL Bean flagship store, with many other outlets to explore.  Our GSAs enjoyed their time in the town, and the train ride back was smooth sailing!  The entire day was a great experience, and our GSAs now feel comfortable recommending an AMTRAK ride for our guests.