NHSCOT Highland Games

By: GSA Leigh Polish, Fitzwilliam Inn Class of 2019

Every year on the third weekend of September, the Highland Games take place at Loon Mountain. Due to Covid-19, as well as some construction being done at the ski resort, the festival was somewhat smaller this year. However, that did not interfere with the pleasure and joy of the festival.

As a volunteer, I was at the festival for all three days and loved it as always. I enjoy the bagpipes and all the wonderful Scottish music. Although there were no bagpipers from Scotland this year, there were some of our own bagpipe groups (including the NHSCOT bagpiper band) that marched and played throughout the day. During the weekend, there were Sheep Dog Trials, Scottish Cuisine & Festival Fare (where you can even find Haggis), Scottish Shopping which is always a delight, and, of course, there are kilts everywhere. Personally, I go hunting for different Scottish jewelry. Wherever you walk you can hear the wonderful Scottish Music and see the Scottish Dancers. The parade area is always full with various lectures (sometimes including animals), performances and the daily opening and closing parades. This year there was even a small inflated curling setup where children and adults could try curling. The Clan Village was also right nearby where one could visit all the tents and learn of their Scottish heritage and history.

I wait all year for the Highland Games, and while the pandemic prevented the festival last year, this year was wonderful! I’m already counting the days until next year. Come and join us. It’s great fun!