Adventures in the White Mountains: Outdoor Recreation Panel

It’s time to celebrate the White Mountains region and all that NH has to offer during the winter season!  Join us to learn more about White Mountains Attractions Association, Ski New Hampshire, Jackson XC, and Appalachian Mountain Club.  There will be time for GSA questions at the end.

Panelists: Charyl Reardon, President of White Mountains Attractions Association; Jessyca Keeler, President of Ski New Hampshire; Ellen Chandler, Executive Director of Jackson XC; Emily Davenport, Wilderness Guide at Appalachian Mountain Club; Matt Yeramian, Visitor Services Coordinator at White Mountain National Forest


Panel recorded February 2021

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GSA Feedback:

White Mountain Attractions:

“Your thoughts about all the other winter activities available beyond skiing and hiking were really helpful – particularly with so many services being restricted during this pandemic.”

“What’s great about the White Mountains is that it’s got so much going on in all seasons!  People at the airport are always asking about what to do and where to go.  This would be a great destination for them.  I also like that you have the visitor’s center at Exit 32 with maps and information for the area.  It’s great to be able to direct people to that visitor’s center.”

Ski NH:

“I haven’t been skiing lately so this was a good refresher. Your website has much information on ski conditions, lodging, kids programs, lessons, events, and some videos. Also, I learned that many of the ski area are open most of the year with other activities going on in other seasons.  This information will be very helpful when I volunteer at the airport and people ask what family activities are available.”

“I always loved your SKI NH magazine and miss it! In the future, I will direct more visitors to your website. So happy to learn more ‘all season’ activities are being done at ski areas. The views are often so spectacular.”

Jackson XC:

“Thanks so much for sharing your obvious love and devotion to Jackson Cross Country.  In addition to the wonderful pictures, you made several points that were helpful to the GSA’s: the number of lodges and restaurants available along the trail network and the unique bonus that there are so many other outdoor recreational activities to pursue within close proximity to Jackson.”

“I enjoyed learning about how extensive Jackson XC is with so many trails, some groomed and some not groomed, and that it is a national as well as international destination.  Snowshoe trails are also available and mostly separate from the XC trails. I haven’t gone cross country skiing in a few years but after learning about this area and the fact that it has trailside inns and trailside dining, it makes me want to visit and see it all for myself.”

Appalachian Mountain Club:

“It was very interesting to learn all the work that goes into maintaining the area – conservation, climate research, working with DC, maintaining trails and huts.  Your website is informative on conditions and what’s open and what’s not with rules and regulations during the pandemic.  It looks like a wonderful place to visit year round for skiing and hiking.  I will be sure to mention it to visitors.”

“Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge of the AMC with the Granite State Ambassadors on Thursday. I do most of my volunteering at the State House so it will be helpful to inform visitors what AMC has done to adjust to COVID restrictions. Here’s hoping things will be back to normal soon so they can take advantage of everything AMC has to offer.”

White Mountain National Forest:

“Thanks for sharing great information about NH’s most valuable asset and helpful pointers for GSA’s to pass on to visitors – most particularly the unique and unpredictable climate of higher peaks within the Forest and the need for preparation and training before venturing out this time of year!”

“Thank you so much to Matt for joining the panel to keep all us GSAs informed. You are soooo full of great information!  I am going to make a copy of the Weeks Act Legacy Trail print out and keep it with me at the airport. I plan to mention it regularly to visitors heading north.”