Roundtable: Museum of the White Mountains

New GSA Center!!

Date: May 19th

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 am

Description: Come learn about the Museum of the White Mountains as a GSA Center!  GSAs will be giving tours of the exhibits, and possibly answering questions about activities in the area as well.

If you decide to sign up to give tours, the first training day will be June 8th.

Calendar sign-ups: Open

Eligibility: Any new GSA or current GSA can attend

Uniform: GSA uniform. No purses or bags allowed – leave them in your car trunk. You can bring a small cross-body purse, a waist pack, GSA cinch pack, or your new GSA neck wallet. Wear comfortable shoes.

Meeting Location: 34 Highland Street, Plymouth

Parking: On site

Center Contact: Meghan Doherty,

GSA Contact: Kelly Bryer,