Interview: Enfield Shaker Museum

Meet Anna Guenther, Enfield Shaker Museum Events Coordinator, and Kyle Sandler, Enfield Shaker Museum Education Coordinator

Interview conducted December 2020

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The Enfield Shaker Museum and historic site, nestled in a valley between Mt. Assurance and Mascoma Lake in Enfield, New Hampshire, has been cherished for over 200 years. At its peak in the mid-19th century, the Enfield Shaker Village was home to three “Families” of Shakers. Today, their story is preserved and told by the Enfield Shaker Museum.

The mission of the Enfield Shaker Museum, an educational institution, is to preserve and share its historical structures, landscape, and Shaker cultural heritage with our multi-generational visitors, members, and the global community.


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