Interview: The Balsams

Meet Les Otten, Lead Project Developer, The Balsams

The first guests were welcomed to Dixville 150 years ago. Although much has changed since the days of a 25-room inn, the legacy of this elegant resort and its sprawling wilderness remain constant. The Balsams is being reborn as an all-season, luxury resort for the 21st century – and beyond.

Nestled within the cinematic grandeur of the northern White Mountains in Dixville Notch, NH, The Balsams 11,000 sprawling acres of breathtaking and accessible wilderness is nothing less than spectacular, whether nature dresses it in winter, spring, summer or fall.  While The Balsams is an absolute wonderland for winter activities, the other seasons are hardly upstaged when it comes to a spectacular feast for the aesthetic senses and recreation. The Balsams has something for everyone, no matter what day of the year it is.

Interview recorded in April 2021

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Rebirth of a Legend:

Legend of Dixville Notch: