Interview & Virtual Tour: Manchester Tru by Hilton

Meet Marianela Santana, Manchester Tru by Hilton Sales Manager

Interview & Virtual Tour conducted January 2021

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In the heart of downtown Manchester, we are surrounded by great restaurants, arts, and entertainment. We’re 10 minutes from Saint Anselm College, The Mall of New Hampshire, and Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Our pet-friendly hotel features free WiFi and breakfast.


Tru by Hilton

GSA Feedback:

“Virtual tour was great

  1. Impressed with their focus on accessibility: both for mobility and hearing and the number of rooms dedicated to those guests
  2. Like reception/snack/essentials circular area.
  3. Possible Common Man inclusions?! Wow that would be a bonus”

It’s beautiful, can’t wait to go away for one night.

Loved it! Learned so much about the hotel, their values, their amenities, and style. The laid back atmosphere was interesting. I also appreciated the connections they are trying to make with the city. And the possibility that a Common Man restaurant might partner with them is exciting.”

Great location and I loved the way it was set up with so many modern conveniences. Also appreciated that they didn’t waste space in rooms with large bureaus that as she noted, no one ever uses.

It is hard to pick the most interesting thing because I really enjoyed hearing about and seeing this ‘tru-ly’ unique hotel. It was most impressive to do a virtual tour and see the vibrant colors and all the amenities provided. Marianela is a great conversationalist.”