Social Lunch at Smokeshow Barbeque in Concord

By: Sarah Brown, Comfort Inn Concord GSA Class of 2011

A group of 26 GSAs started the month off at Smokeshow Barbeque in Concord, and a great start of the month it was! The best part of the lunch meet up was the participation of experienced people and new members from 2023 classes.

Smokeshow has recently relocated to 231 South Main Street and shares a building with Feathered Friends Brewery. That’s a great combination! Just a few of the comments below will hopefully spur your interest in checking them out for lunch or dinner, takeout or dine-in.

“Before I entered the Smokeshow BBQ Restaurant, I did what I always do……that is, I perused the menu and the previous comments left by prior customers. I was reading really positive comments about the food, but also noticed there were a few standouts. So I followed their lead, and ordered a meat dish called Goodness, (a dish combining Brisket, a bit of turkey and a bit of pork loin) the creamed corn, and a piece of cornbread. It was all divine!! The customer has their choice in the amount of Goodness they want, and I got the smallest container, about 1/4 Lb. It was plenty. I’m going back soon, this time with my husband. He’s gonna love it!!!” ~Sue 2

“Being newbies, (Whaleback Class of 2023) it was nice to meet up with others in the GSA family!!” ~Yvon

“When you have a brewery next door to a Barbeque place you can’t go wrong…the beer was tasty and the Frito pie with brisket was even better! Thanks for setting up the social and for picking such a great location.” ~Brian

“This was my first GSA Social event, having joined in March as part of the Aviation Class of 2023.  I really enjoyed getting to know so many GSAs, including those in my class, who due to limited spacing at the museum, we did not really get to meet back in March!
Everyone was so warm and welcoming – it reminded me that not only do I love the volunteering aspect of GSA but I really enjoy meeting all the people who have stepped up to join this great group!  Today made me proud (yet once again!) to be part of this group, and I definitely feel more like part of the “family” after today’s social event.
THANK YOU to the organizers; your efforts are greatly appreciated!” ~Sally

“Paul and I enjoyed our lunch at the Smoke Show GSA gathering. It was so nice to visit with some familiar sunny faces and to meet some brand new ones. That beautiful day was appreciated. We found the BBQ excellent – so many choices. I was at first overwhelmed by the choices but settled on the pulled pork and Paul had the brisket.” ~Paul & Vicki

“So nice to meet other GSAs on Fri. My pulled pork and coleslaw were tasty.” ~Victoria

“The food was wonderful–I had pulled pork, coleslaw, and cornbread. As usual, I got just the meat, not the sandwich which lets me have the cornbread!! Good choice of options. Lots of others there for lunch, which tells the story since they have been in the present location a short time.” ~Gretchen

“I really appreciated the opportunity to meet other GSAs. The Smokeshow was easy to find with a parking lot across the street. I enjoyed my pulled pork sandwich and the relaxed atmosphere. ~ Norma B.

“Although Smokeshow BBQ does not have my favorite type of food offerings, I do think the staff was exceptionally polite and efficient, and the food was of good quality. I saw a huge line at the ordering counter when I was leaving, and that would indicate that a whole lot of other customers enjoy that type of diet and are frequent visitors. I feel the prices were fairly normal, especially since it is a “take-out” venue.” ~Norma A.

“Had a great time catching up with fellow GSA members at Smokeshow. Had a beer from next door which was really good. Also, we met before the September heat wave settled in.” ~ Violet

“The food was delicious. Personally, I had the pulled pork and coleslaw… 5 stars. If you like barbeque, this should definitely be added to your go-to list. Prices are reasonable. I think they have picked up a bigger following. I would definitely return. There is quite a bit of free parking on the street and the lot across the street.” ~Kathryn