Celebrate Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day

Celebrate Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day — the day ALL NH citizens were ambassadors to the world — and NH history that is especially important to Granite State Ambassadors!

 In 2010, the New Hampshire Legislature unanimously passed legislation designating September 5, Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day, recognizing the importance of the 1905 Treaty proceedings in New Hampshire history and the role of citizen diplomacy in ensuring the success of the peace conference. Each year since then, the Governor of New Hampshire has issued a Proclamation calling on all New Hampshire citizens “to observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and activities commemorating this important part of New Hampshire history.” Since September 5, 1905 – 116 years ago – Portsmouth has celebrated by ringing bells throughout the city.

Since 2010, citizens all over the state have joined the tradition of ringing bells at 3:47 pm, the exact moment the Treaty was signed.

This year is the 115th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Theodore Roosevelt for organizing the peace conference that ended the Russo-Japanese War. New details on Roosevelt’s Nobel Peace Prize and the authentic replica of the Prize were recently added to the Portsmouth Peace Treaty exhibit at the John Paul Jones House Museum.

Portsmouth Peace Treaty Living Memorial cherry tree sites in Dublin, Hanover, Lancaster, Meredith, Manchester and Milford NH also participate in the Portsmouth Peace Treaty Day commemoration.

To learn more about the Treaty, visit the exhibit or PortsmouthPeaceTreaty.org.

Portsmouth Peace Treaty Proclamation September 2021