Exploring the Heritage Trail: The Libby Museum

by GSA Sarah Brown, Comfort Inn Class 0f 2011

The Libby Museum of Natural History is an eclectic mix of taxidermy, oddities, and specimens from around the world. For example they have a display case with birds eggs, a finger from an Egyptian mummy, and art works from native peoples from Africa to the Arctic. The collection was first created by Dr. Libby who bequeathed his collection to the town at this death. They are the oldest national history museum in New Hampshire, founded in 1912. A dedicated group has preserved and enhanced the original collection and provides a variety of programs for young and old alike. One new addition is stations scattered around the museum with pictures of animals and when you press a button, the sound the animal makes resounds around the building. I had a good time with that! My husband was surprised to see what a Fisher Cat looks like. There’s something there that will fascinate everyone.

755 North Main Street Wolfeboro. THE MUSEUM WILL NOT BE OPEN IN 2020 AS THEY RENOVATE THE BUILDING. Open on weekends only until Columbus Day this year.  www.TheLibbyMuseum.org