Exploring the Libby Natural History Museum

by GSA Roberta Wells, The Hotel Concord Class of 2019

If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit the Libby Museum, you may now have to wait until 2021. This small Natural History Museum with a lovely view of Lake Winnipesaukee is about to undergo a major renovation and expansion adding both climate control and 200 squad feet of additional space. This Columbus Day weekend was the last time to visit for this year.

The museum currently houses a collection of taxidermy exhibits from common local specimens to more exotic species on one side and a collection of “oddities” on the other with a small revolving exhibit of local artwork. The museum began in 1912 and reflects Dr. Libby’s love of the natural world. A dentist by trade, at the age of 40 his primary interest shifted to the natural world. He began building his museum in 1908 to house his personal collection. The town of Wolfeboro took over as stewards of the museum in the 1950’s.

During our visit a family with young school age children arrived. The son’s first impression was “this is boring.” But within a minute it was suddenly, “wow, this is cool! We just learned about this in school!” Indeed, it is cool if you take your time to study the cases. You may just find a Boston Police Officer’s “rattle,” a mummified Ibis, a New Hampshire $2 bill, a tiny hummingbird’s nest, or the nest of a Great Blue Heron.

755 N Main St, Wolfeboro NH