GSA Founders Day

By: Tim Adams, Southern NH University GSA Class of 2014

The day was overcast and dreary but at least the rain was holding off. It was expected to arrive almost anytime, however, so while the boat ride would still go on, it might not be as enjoyable as one where the sun was out and the sky was blue.

Well, the GSAs started gathered around the dock early and almost as soon as some got out of their cars, the rain began. Not to be deterred, some moved over to a covered area containing restrooms, while others jumped back into their cars, and still more moved to the older Mount Sunapee II boat that was opened.

After a bit, several of us got out and started forming a line at the gangplank of the new boat that we were going to be riding on with Sunapee Cruises. Almost before you knew what happened, a line of GSAs grew around the parking lot. I guess the saying ‘It’s always Sunny in New Hampshire’ is correct because I don’t remember seeing one umbrella among the people waiting to board the boat for the tour of Lake Sunapee.

When we boarded, we were presented with the option of staying on the lower deck or climbing the ladder to the top level. As both were enclosed, and I planned to take pictures, I made my way up the ladder and found a seat by a window.

Soon the road was packed with GSAs, and, looking around the upper deck where I was, I didn’t see an empty seat! Looks like the overcast skies didn’t keep people from showing up.

After a brief speech by the Captain, we cast off and turned around and headed out into the lake proper. As a brief note, if you check Wikipedia and check on how many Lighthouses there are in New Hampshire, you’ll find that there are only 2. If you do a little more digging however, you will find that the state actually has 5, with the 3 that Wikipedia doesn’t count, on Lake Sunapee.

We didn’t do a full trip around the lake but just a cruise out and back, sort of like a shakedown cruise any and all boats should go through as they are getting ready for a full season of use.

One thing those of us didn’t know is that the lower deck was going to get to partake in the food before we were. No worries, however, as when our turn came there seemed to be plenty left for us. And it was good! While I’m not much of a salad guy, I did grab a bite, as well as some of the broccoli bits that were in one corner of the bowl. While I didn’t particularly care for it as I was growing up, I do enjoy it now. Potato, chicken and stuffing, and a macaroni dish helped fill the plate. If you are ever in Bradford, stop in at the Appleseed Restaurant and enjoy the meal. I certainly did, and all the plates at my table went away empty, which is typically the best recommendation people can give to a restaurant! The dessert was also great! If you were on the trip and didn’t try one, you don’t know what you missed.

I did get outside and did some walking around to get some pictures, but with only some of the decking having arrived and been placed, I didn’t spend much time out walking. I have posted a bunch of my pictures on the website that Kelly linked to in a recent email.

One point to mention, the boat was still, what I would call, a ‘work in progress’ due to some items, like the decking mentioned above, not yet being installed. The other issue is that the Galley, where we served ourselves the wonderful food, had water dripping down from above. Stand, or step in the wrong place, and your head got soaked. All of this will, of course, be fixed when the items they are waiting for arrive and can be installed. As I stated earlier, this was a ‘shakedown cruise’ and items like those I mention are often found, which is why they have them.