GSA Social Committee

The Social Committee is made up of GSAs that enjoy getting together for social activities outside of NHGSA’s framework. These outings are organized by a GSA member of the social committee. NHGSA has provided this webpage to help the committee facilitate their outings.

For more information, email Note these are GSA/Staff/Board only events unless otherwise noted.

News from the Social Committee – October 2019

Thank you to Marlene, Christine and Phil for planning 2 great days in October! We visited the Castle in the Clouds, the Galley Hatch Restaurant and Applecrest Farm.

What a fabulous year we have had for GSA Lunches and Outings! Now it is time to start looking at 2020. The Social Committee will be getting together to decide what new places we want to experience and make plans. If you are interested in joining us we will meet before the Holiday Party at the Millyard Museum. We are looking for folks who have ideas and are willing to help make them happen. If you have any questions you can contact us at

Upcoming Events

Friday December 13th –  Our final gathering for 2019 will be our Journey to the North Pole! Join us for an incredible experience as we find our inner elves. On Friday December 13th in Lincoln NH we will volunteer as Elves to support the Believe in Books Literacy Foundation. It is a great way to give back, get your holiday spirit in high gear and have fun with fellow GSAs. And you may bring guests. Signups will be via the GSA Online Calendar and ARE OPEN! Click here for event details.

Past Events

(click on name for blog/pictures when available)

Fratello’s (Thank you Sarah B!)

GSAs Up North (Thank you Mary O!)

Keene Walldog Tour & Lunch (Thank you Janet G & Deb H!)

Wellington State Park (Thanks to all that helped!)

Castle in the Clouds (Thank you Marlene!)

Galley Hatch & Applecrest Farm (Thank you Christine & Phil!)


Ski Geezers

Join the ‘Ski Geezers’ for ski days around New England. Email Kelly to be put in touch with GSA Moe Demers.

GSAs Journey to the North Pole to Help Santa

We are excited to support the Believe in Books Foundation’s Journey to the North Pole experience! It’s a bit of a departure from our usually social activity but a great way to get together, get into the holiday spirit, have a lot of fun and for NHGSA to give back to a great cause. The money Believe in Books raises goes toward funding their Literacy Programs.