June Brookline Tour: Cozy Tea Cart and Andres Institute of Art

By: Emily Goulet, NHGSA Volunteer and Events Manager

On Sunday June 2nd, GSA’s participated in a tour at the Cozy Tea Cart and the Andres Institute of Art.  We started off the morning with a very informative lesson on the different types of tea.  We had so many questions-turns out, there is so much to know about good quality tea! Danielle shared some herbal, green, and black teas with us, as we listened to her talk about tea in a very cozy tea room.  She hosts tea tastings frequently, and the relaxing music in the background and fireplace add to the ambience. There is also an outdoor garden as well. Danielle even travels to Asia for her tea, and she is one of the first 15 individuals in the world to be certified in all levels as a Tea Specialist through the Speciality Tea Institute.. She taught us about the importance of drinking loose leaf tea, for the health benefits and higher quality drinks.  Many of us left with the intentions of throwing away all our bagged tea! She also has a wonderful shop, so many of us purchased some tea and some accessories as well. She was a gracious host, and we can’t wait to return for a tasting or special event!

Next, we traveled to the Andres Institute of Art, with our tour guide, Nancy.  She showed us the art institute, which used to be a ski lodge for the old ski mountain.   She gave us the history of the institute, founded by Paul Andres who purchased Big Bear Mountain in 1996.  Paul Andres is an engineer and innovator, and he co-founded the Andres Institute of Art in 1998 with John Weidman.  Mr. Weidman is the artist behind many of the sculptures at the institute. We were able to drive up this old ski mountain, which now hosts many sculptures and hiking trails.  However, typically, one would hike up. We received hiking maps, which guide you to all the sculptures, located all over the mountain. The trails are a variety of levels, so anyone can hike there!  Nancy was very informative, and we can’t wait to return with hiking buddies!

Trail Map

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/4EXUywaCEVXFbTPt7

Posters:Andrews Institute

Sculpture Park