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by GSA Sarah Brown, Comfort Inn Class 0f 2011 The Libby Museum of Natural History is an eclectic mix of taxidermy, oddities, and specimens from around the world. For example they have a display case with birds eggs, a finger from an Egyptian mummy, and art works from native peoples
by GSA Sarah Brown, Comfort Inn Class of 2011   Built by Thomas and Olive Plant in 1914, the property was known as Lucknow. This Arts and Crafts mansion is perched on a mountaintop with spectacular views of Lake Winnipesaukee. It had all the latest amenities like needle showers in
by GSA Sarah Brown, Comfort Inn Class of 2011 Tamworth is a quintessential New England town and the Remick County Doctor Museum is only one of the attractions for visitors. More on that later. The museum is open year round and does a lot of school group activities. There are
by GSA Sarah Brown, Comfort Inn Class of 2011 The Wright Museum is paean to all aspects of World War Two. You can’t miss the building, there’s tank breaking through the wall facing the street! When you enter the lobby you are faced with a life size diorama of a
by GSA Roberta Wells,The Hotel Concord Class of 2019 Today my husband and I had the opportunity to visit the NH State Historical Society Museum in Concord as we were heading north into the lakes region. We arrived in time to join a tour already in progress with just one