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April 19, 2019

Tour: Hanover

Sign-ups open May 2, 8am The Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce is putting together quite a day for our Granite State Ambassadors. I hope you can join us! Date: Thursday, May 23, 2019 Start time: 10am End time: 4pm Parking: at one of the inns and we will travel into
By GSA Margaret Minnon, Comfort Inn Concord Class of 2011 A happy jaunt for GSAs to suggest to tourists wanting an easy day trip through quintessential New England towns seeking bucolic farmland, rivers, lakes, valleys and quaint downtowns that NH has to offer. Traveling West on Rt. 9, take the

April 19, 2019

Blog: Badger Balm Tour

by GSA Tim Adams, SNHU Class of 2013 Have you had those kind of days when you’ve worked outdoors and your hands just totally dry up and no matter how much hand cream you use, they just seem to take forever to feel good again? Well, apparently Bill Whyte, the
by GSA Sue Geyer, Currier Museum of Art Class of 2010 It is hard to believe that the GSA lunch bunch started frequenting restaurants around New Hampshire 7 years ago. The Firefly American Bistro & Bar was our first outing that included only 3 participants. Since then we have had
by: Sarah Brown, GSA Comfort Inn Concord, Class of 2011 As an avid history buff, I was excited about the new GSA perk of free admission to the 15 museums that are included in the Heritage Museum Trail. Since it’s admission for two, I am taking my husband along as