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On October 23, a few of us met at the Galley Hatch in Hampton NH. John Tinios (owner) told us that the Galley Hatch is a family owned restaurant that has operated for over 45. Over the years the small restaurant has added café, bakery, gift shop, tap room, and
On October 2, about 15 GSA’s had a delightful lunch at Castle in the Clouds in Moultonboro. Castle is one of the premier jewels of the Lakes Region! Although ”it’s always sunny in NH”, according to the GSA motto, that day it wasn’t. Unfortunately the weather that day was quite inclement, so we
by GSA Moe Demers, Comfort Inn Airport Class of 2011 The lady in the wheelchair is Joan from Maryland. The lady in black and white is a Good Samaritan named Deborah. When Elaine and I came on shift, GSA’s Ron R and Roz W told us Joan’s flight back to
by GSA Roberta Wells, The Hotel Concord Class of 2019 If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit the Libby Museum, you may now have to wait until 2021. This small Natural History Museum with a lovely view of Lake Winnipesaukee is about to undergo a major renovation
by GSA Sarah Brown, Comfort Inn Class 0f 2011 The Libby Museum of Natural History is an eclectic mix of taxidermy, oddities, and specimens from around the world. For example they have a display case with birds eggs, a finger from an Egyptian mummy, and art works from native peoples