Tour: Moffatt-Ladd House & Garden

By: Emily McMaster, Communications Director

On a cloudy and cool day in May, our GSAs set out to explore and learn more about the Moffatt-Ladd House & Garden in Portsmouth.  Our Hampton Area Chamber/NH State Parks Class of 2022 had graduated at Hampton Beach earlier in the day, so several new GSAs were able to join the tour as well.

Our tour of this beautiful property served a dual purpose – not only were we learning more about the history of the family and exploring the house, but we were also learning about what it meant to volunteer there.  We are excited to announce that the Moffatt-Ladd House & Garden will be joining the organization as a GSA center this summer, and they will be looking for volunteers!

The tour began with a brief presentation and overview of the property in what is referred to as the warehouse.  We were split into three groups and given a fabulous tour of the house by each tour guide.

Our tour included all three floors – from the grand foyer entryway, to the kitchen and dining area, to the bedrooms and more.  The house was built in the mid-1700’s for the son of John Moffatt: Samuel Moffatt.  The walls carry many stories of three prominent families in Portsmouth: the Moffatts, the Ladds, and the Whipples.  The tour guides are a wealth of knowledge of the family trees and the role that each family member played in the house’s history.

And even with a few raindrops and cloudy skies, the garden was stunning.  What a spot of tranquility!

We were also able to explore the Counting House, where guests pay for their ticket and can purchase items in the gift shop.  This is where a GSA would be volunteering.  The guided tours start on June 1st this season – stay tuned for openings to volunteer as a GSA at this beautiful property!