Sunapee Chamber Info Booth at League Fair

You are invited to sign up to volunteer at the Lake Sunapee Region Chamber of Commerce Regional Information Tent at the 86th Annual League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair, August 3-11, at Mt Sunapee Resort, in Newbury.

This year we will be under our own pop-up tent. It will be located directly next to Tent D near the top of the area, across from Tent 2. There will be no sides to the tent, so all materials will need to be put into the plastic bins overnight, and displayed on the table each morning.

ID badges can be picked up at Gate #2 by Parking Lot #2. Please remember all GSAs need to be in full uniform.

Water and light snacks will be available at the tent. If you are alone and need a bathroom break, just leave the tent and take it. Bathrooms are located at both Sunapee Lodge and Spruce Lodge. A map of the area can be found on page 5 of the 2019 Official Guide.

There will be “Tick Sheets” to use to keep track of visitors to our tent. Please use them, as they are helpful to us in knowing what brochures are popular.

You have signed up for your shift on the GSA website and will automatically get credit for your hours. There are still some open shifts, so if you are interested we encourage you to sign up for more shifts.

Ashley Rowley, our LSRCC Member & Visitor Services Manager can be texted or called at (339) 223-3245. If you notice any brochures are getting low, it would be great if you could let her know, so she can replenish them on her next trip to the mountain.

Any and all feedback of your experience is appreciated, and if it can wait, then please email me back at   I volunteer one day a week at the LSRCC booth.

Thank you again for volunteering, and enjoy your experience at the fair!

Sue Greenbaum
Chamber Volunteer
Granite State Ambassador
2016 GSA of the Year
(603) 526-6575

Note from Kelly:
If you signed up directly with the League, you will receive hours for your time this year. We prefer, that you volunteer with the chamber since they are members. Our participation with the League directly is as a courtesy.